Thursday, June 02, 2005


Game media needs to grow up

I went to the IGN Insider home page and saw a "note from the editor" that begins thusly:

"So E3 has come and gone, now the hell what?"

Maybe saying "hell" and "damn" (as IGN often does in its reviews and previews) is hip and appeals to the pimpled demographic, but it's certainly not professional. Kind of like MMO writers who editorialize with the occasional "woot!". It reminds me of the lowest-common-denominator stuff found on MTV and laddie magazines.

Update: here's some marvelous copy from the front page of Fileplanet:

Do Wookies like Cookies?
I couldn't tell you honestly, but if one wanted a cookie I'd sure as hell give him a cookie. Welcome to FilePlanet's Star Wars Weekend, were we bring you all our best and brightest Star Wars content! From incredible mods like Galactic Conquest to demos of games like Star Wars: Republic Commando - it's time to grab your lightsaber and kick some ass. We were going to post some of those golden oldies like classic X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, but sadly they wouldn't install! But there is plenty to enjoy, so get at it - and remember. Let the Wookie win.
-- ToughCookie

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