Monday, June 06, 2005


More games to play

I've seen people talking a lot about Fate recently. It's a Diablo-like game, decent-looking, and a good deal at $20. You can play the free demo until level 6 or dungeon level 3, which is about an hour. It's single-player only. Check it out.

The other game I've played a bit of recently is Mount & Blade, which I read about on Dubious Quality. This game is unfinished, and in game development terms it is little more than a "proof of concept." What makes it appealing is that battles on horseback have never been this fun. If you end up playing the game, be sure to get into some battles with a decent-size party on your side before you put it down for good. I especially enjoyed the throwing weapons, archery, and "jousting" (using a lance while on horseback). Be sure to look in the forum for the unofficial manual, as it will make it much easier to jump into the game and get the most out of it.

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